My SharePoint 2010 VM

Back in November 2009, I built my SharePoint 2010 VM from scratch with the following hardware

Intel Core i5 Quad Core 2.67Ghz
8GB Ram
2 Hard Drives

Windows 7 64-bit (Host OS)
VMWare Server 2.01

Virtual Machine:
Windows 2008 Sever R2
SharePoint 2010 beta 2
Visual Studio 2010 beta
Office 2010 beta

I am using (free) VMware Server 2.01 rather than Microsoft’s Virtual PC 2007 to host my SharePoint 2010 beta. VPC 2007 is not supported by Microsoft on Windows 7, therefore my reason to try and learn VMware.

VMware Glitches:
1. Sometimes I receive an error to the login screen to  the VWware Infrastructure Web Access via internet browsers. I don’ t now the solution yet, but I just close browser and try again.
2. I installed VMware plug-ins to the VM with win2008 server R2, the whole remote desktop console freezes if I use mouse scroll wheel. I uninstalled the plug-ins and issue never occurs.

Running 2 VM’s and keeping memory consumption under 8GB tends to be pretty good, but can be better. I think if I had a solid state hard drive for my VM images, I think it would make the performance much better. I would like to buy a solid state drive sometime later this year.